What My Customers Say...

I truly can't think of a better person for this job! Well done Emma - you're going to love it!

Marie Hanlon

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Would highly recommend Emma, her dedication to the health and happiness of the animals entrusted to her care is second to none whether it be a cat, dog, small furry or horse! To have peace of mind that all is well with them is immeasurable.

Lois Kirk

So glad you are starting your Pet Services business and about time too!  These fur babies will be very lucky to come and play with you......I don't know who will have more fun!

Emma has just looked after my two rabbits and two guineas for a week. She did an excellent job and kept me updated on them too which was great. I would highly recommend her! She provides an extremely professional service and my girlies were immaculate and chilled when I got home.

Emma looked after our 2 cats recently for the first time and it's clear to see she really cares about the animals she looks after. Would definitely recommend. Thank You!

Fantastic news that you have set up a pet services business Emma! You are great with animals!